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Whole Person Organizational Cultures©

Gerald R. Wagner, PhD.
June 2017

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Home Instead

What’s it like working at the Home Instead Senior Care® global headquarters? We get to do what we do best every day at an organization with a meaningful mission – to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families. And, we get to do it with a group of extraordinary people!

Each month all 160 employees come together for a team meeting. This year’s theme is the “Warrior Spirit” and our meetings are the Warrior Rally

Home Instead® is an amazing place to work with a great culture, thanks to our employees! It only takes a couple steps inside our building to feel how special it is. What creates the vibe and special feeling? Employees who choose to be engaged, bring their best selves to work and support each other. We have more than 150 employees at global headquarters. Our employees understand that everyone is responsible for culture. They own it, nurture it, protect it and grow it.

Our employees also are empowered to take risks, be innovative and add value. We demonstrate this through a concept we call “Living Home Instead,” where employees are encouraged to build trust, take the lead and share their hearts every day.

CORE17 – All day employee offsite

When Paul and Lori Hogan founded Home Instead, they established core values that are the foundation for our culture. They’re listed below.

  • To honor God in all we do
  • To treat each other with dignity and respect
  • To promote growth in ourselves and others
  • To build value in our service to others

President and CEO Jeff Huber’s philosophy is that the talent we welcome into the organization sets our business apart from the rest. Human Resources is more than an administrative unit, it’s a strategic entity.

At Home Instead, the employee experience starts before being hired. We treat all applicants with dignity and respect, respond to them in a timely fashion and help them understand the full hiring process. While we focus on experience and skills, culture match also is important to us.

Home Instead employees Elaine Flaxbeard & Donna Pischel

We use “Topgrading,” a technique that uses behavior-based questions to analyze performance patterns, to find the best employees for our organization. Through a series of interviews, Topgrading helps us measure talent and culture fit. (Topgrading, Brad and Geoff Smart, Pritchett, LP)

In addition to Topgrading, we’ve integrated the concept of personal accountability into our interview process. Developed by Cy Wakeman and her reality-based approach, we look for individuals who are highly accountable in the areas of commitment, resilience, ownership and continuous learning.

We hire individuals who will whole-heartedly devote to our mission, will commit even if they don’t have all the answers, are passionate and positive, see opportunities rather than obstacles, produce results, provide solutions, take full responsibility and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Employees gather to share delicious, nutritious food, as well as fellowship. Relationships are built and nurtured around our shared dining tables

Home Instead chefs Samantha Hathaway & Kristie Ryan

What else makes Home Instead’s employee experience so special?

  • “Relationship Before Task” – Our employees are not only encouraged to build relationships with their colleagues, they are expected to.
  • Dining Room – The cornerstone of our culture is our Dining Room. Employees gather to share delicious, nutritious food, as well as fellowship. Relationships are built and nurtured around our shared dining tables.
  • People Development: u@yourbest – Growth and development is so important to us that it’s one of our core values. In the last two years, our employees committed 4,600 hours to professional, personal and role development.
  • Quarterly Conversations – Two years ago, we tossed out the annual review and implemented Quarterly Conversations. Quarterly Conversations give employees a chance to sit down with their manager and engage in authentic conversations, set goals, get feedback, address challenges and celebrate achievements. Questions and talking points change each quarter.
  • Honor PTO – Based on radical trust, we treat our employees as adults. We allow employees to take the time they need to ensure a healthy work-life balance, but we hold them accountable to get their job done.
  • Choice Benefit Dollars – In addition to a full benefits package, we provide employees with money each year to design their benefits to meet their needs. They choose how to allocate their Choice Benefit Dollars (e.g., to reduce their health insurance, dental or vision dependent premiums, to contribute to a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, for additional life insurance coverage, for tuition reimbursement, etc.)
  • Fun – We have lots of fun at Home Instead! From quarterly socials to dancing at our annual Convention, we make time for fun!

Founded in 1994 in Omaha, Nebraska, the Home Instead franchise network is the world’s largest provider of in-home care for seniors. Today, the network is made up of almost 1,100 franchises in the United States, Canada and 10 additional countries around the world. The independently owned and operated franchises achieve service excellence with the support of dedicated global headquarters staff members who provide exceptional service with a personal touch.

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